22/05/2020: Lockdown Leadership Conference

22/05/2020: Lockdown Leadership Conference

22mayAll Day22/05/2020: Lockdown Leadership Conference

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It’s going to be a long time before everyone is back in the office – if we ever return to that.

Leaders face new challenges and opportunities to grow: themselves, their teams and their businesses. The way we’re leading needs to change – but how do you know what will work?

The Lockdown Leadership Conference is all about helping you to discover what is working – and how to let go of what isn’t.

Twelve international experts in inspiring virtual teams will be sharing practical strategies and best practice.

You’ll get answers to your questions in live interviews with experts on topics including leading remote teams, how to handle difficult conversations, creating a group vision for ‘life after lockdown’, how to support the parents on your teams, plus how to help people to healthily overcome the fear of change.

This event is about helping your teams to move from crisis-level ‘surviving’ to thriving, as we head into this new phase of doing business.

You’ll finish the day with a practical strategy for the changes you want to make, for yourself, your team and your organisation, feeling inspired to lead the next stage of this journey.

Who Is It For?

The Lockdown Leadership Conference is for HR professionals, line managers, departmental heads, business leaders and business owners who want to make sure that their company and teams don’t just survive the drastic changes in the way we’re working, they thrive.





All Day (Friday)(GMT+00:00)



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