Bisexual Icons Event | Dr Julia Shaw

Bisexual Icons Event | Dr Julia Shaw

25sep18:0019:30Bisexual Icons Event | Dr Julia Shaw

Bisexual Icons Event, Bi Visibility Day

Event Details

Learn from six Bisexual icons as they share insights from their work, research, and activism.

This discussion is intended for anyone interested in learning more about bisexuality, and does not require any prior knowledge about the topic.

Note: You will need Zoom to access the webinar. This event will also be live-streamed on YouTube and recorded. If you are worried about your privacy attending this event, please change your name and disable your camera before joining the event.

Join this unique global event to hear from the following Bi scholars and activists:

  • Robyn Ochs is a Bisexual+ advocate, and editor of Bi Women Quarterly and two Bi+ anthologies. She is also a global speaker on Bi+ and LGBTQI topics. Robyn is best known for her widely-used definition of bisexuality.
  • Jiwandeep Kohli is a neuroscientist and clinical psychology doctoral student. He is passionate about bi visibility and LGBTQ+ advocacy in both scientific research and clinical practice, particularly with the intersection of other marginalised identities.
  • Dr Meg-john Barker writes comic and self-help books about gender, sexuality, relationships, and mental health with Jules Scheele and Alex Lantaffi. They have a background in Bi research, activism and therapy, including co-authoring The Bisexuality Report.
  • Sanisha Wynter is a Bi role model and Tedx speaker who is passionate about diversity and inclusion and mental health wellbeing. She is best known for her Tedx talk, “Vulnerability is your superpower”.
  • Shiri Eisner is a Bisexual, genderqueer, Mizrahi and feminist activist and writer. She is known as a founder of the Bi community in Israel/Occupied Palestine and is the author of the Lambda-nominated book “Bi: Notes for a Bisexual Revolution”.
  • Dr Mimi Hoang is a psychologist and activist specialising in diversity and intersectionality, specifically the Bi+ and Asian Pacific Islander communities. She is also the co-founder of three Bi+ organisations in Los Angeles, and is the creator of the “Bi on Life” self-empowerment series.

This event is hosted by Dr Julia Shaw, the founder of the Bisexual Research Group and host of the International Bisexuality Research Conference. Dr Shaw is a psychological scientist who is best known for her books and her podcast BBC Bad People.



(Saturday) 18:00 - 19:30(GMT+01:00)