Equal Power in Digital Self Defence: Keeping Politically Active Women Safe | Glitch

Equal Power in Digital Self Defence: Keeping Politically Active Women Safe | Glitch

08mar13:0014:00Equal Power in Digital Self Defence: Keeping Politically Active Women Safe | Glitch

Glitch International Women's Day event

Event Details

A free one hour online training on digital self care, safety and security for women currently in or aspiring to be in politics.

Who’s this training workshop for?

Are you a woman with political ambitions who finds herself held back by the fear of online abuse? Is the trolling on social media yet another barrier keeping you from your rightful space in the public sphere? Are you a woman needing support to set boundaries and make digital spaces better serve you and your political career ambitions? If so, this free online workshop is for you!

About this training workshop

Sadly, evidence shows that politically active women are more likely to be harassed online, and this is even worse for women of colour, disabled and LGBT+ women. It is not the responsibility of the victims of online abuse to protect themselves and deal with its lasting effects, and Glitch is doing everything it can do to hold decision-makers accountable and stop the problem at its core. In the meantime our workshops will equip participants to navigate the online landscape with confidence. We want to help women of all ages, backgrounds and political affiliations to overcome the barrier of online abuse, feel more confident to use online platforms in order to pursue a successful career in public life.

You’ll come away from our workshop with practical tools and increased control over your online presence, resulting in a happier, healthier relationship with the digital space. Thanks to the Equal Power Coalition, we can deliver our tailored interactive workshops for politically active women for free.

In this one hour interactive session you will learn:

  • Types of online abuse and tactics
  • Key online safety techniques and strategies, including how to effectively document abuse
  • How to create your very own digital self care plan that enables you to have a flourishing online presence without compromising your wellbeing

As online abuse disproportionately affects women with multi-intersecting identities, Glitch would like to extend a particularly warm welcome to individuals from these communities.




(Monday) 13:00 - 14:00