Executive Education: Lightning Talk on Behavioural Science | WBS

Executive Education: Lightning Talk on Behavioural Science | WBS

09jul12:0012:30Executive Education: Lightning Talk on Behavioural Science | WBS


09/07/2024 12:00 - 12:30(GMT+01:00)

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In this session, Redzo Mujcic, Associate Professor of Behavioural Science and Course Director for Executive Diploma in Behavioural Science will deliver a lightning talk on Behavioural Science.

Redzo’s research includes work on human feelings in the workplace and society (job satisfaction, happiness, autonomy, envy, extreme distress, mental health), as well as how past experiences and outcomes influence social interactions, human cooperation, and preferences.

This session will provide a short overview of some key concepts and applications in behavioural science and human behaviour. We will look at the role of incentives, social comparisons, framing, and cognitive biases in everyday human decisions. Our emphasis will be on the empirical and experimental evidence that has policy relevance for modern workplaces and society.

This lightning talk is taken from the Warwick Executive Diplomas programme. The Warwick Executive Diplomas are a suite of part-time courses designed to address key strategic challenges that organisations are facing. Each Diploma combines the latest academic theory with practical application and a focus on a specific area of leadership challenge.

If you are considering studying an Executive Diploma at Warwick Business School, our team can provide an overview of Executive Education and how we can work with you to tailor our programmes to your learning needs.

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