HERlarious Back to Reality | Funny Women

HERlarious Back to Reality | Funny Women

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HERlarious Back to Reality, Funny Women event

Event Details

As lockdown eases we crave normality in order to continue working and running our businesses.

A year ago we held a series of Virtual Reality events to make sense of our lives while the world rallied against the pandemic. There is no escaping the fact that the impact COVID has had on society has changed our lives for ever. As lockdown eases we crave normality in order to continue working and running our businesses. Yet, we need space and time to make some sense of everything we’ve been through and prepare for what lies ahead.

This event is designed to give you a sense of perspective about the world we find ourselves in – what is reality now and what can we do about it. We will be discussing how we can ‘go with the flow’ and proceed calmly and creatively into the brave new world of work beyond the 21st June, or whatever date our Government puts on it.

Our communal and individual wellbeing is paramount for personal and business survival so our online HERlarious events provide a social forum to help you express yourself, keep focused and plan ahead with a few essential endorphin and morale-boosting laughs along the way.

Hosted by Funny Women founder, Lynne Parker, this session feature three micro-workshops, entertainment and an opportunity to network.

Find Your Focus

Working on screen can often be bewildering and intense. The virtual environment can be distracting and feeds our insecurities.  Actors develop techniques before they perform and Jenny will combine her physical and comedic skills to help you tune in and focus your mind and body.  She will show you some easy-to-do Yoga and meditation techniques to boost your mood and improve your concentration.

Less Martyr More Queen

Find the opportunity to say ‘no’ for real and discover your authentic voice. Your pesky pleaser is at it again wanting to please your partner, your kids, your boss, the shopkeeper and everyone in your workspace. Everyone loves a pleaser but it isn’t as unconditional as it may appear. It’s really a business deal so learn how to ditch the martyr and be the queen!

Overcoming Faceless Communications

If you haven’t started a Zoom call in the last year with the immortal words “You’re on mute!”, or “I can hear you but I can’t see you!”, or “Your screen’s frozen!” then have you even experienced working remotely or from home?! As things open up, some of us are going back into the office or workplace, or meeting with work colleagues or contacts face-to-face again. This session explores some of the lighter moments of working via Zoom, Teams or Meets, along with navigating the new remote working journey we’re all on and how virtual communications sit within it.




(Thursday) 17:00 - 18:00