How to Network Beyond the Pandemic – Workshop | Editorial Intelligence

How to Network Beyond the Pandemic - Workshop | Editorial Intelligence

11nov18:0019:30How to Network Beyond the Pandemic - Workshop | Editorial Intelligence

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Learn how to build and nurture networks which are futureproofed beyond the pandemic. Highly practical and fast way to improve your networks!

As we head into a second national lockdown everyone could be forgiven for missing their social lives and their networks. For those in the professions, either starting out, or being portfolio or freelance (the ‘solopreneur’) the absence of face-to-face networking opportunities can feel not just isolating but scary.

But all is not lost. This is a moment to understand the power of networks which lies behind all networking, and to learn new ways to manage your connections and to build stronger networks.

Editorial Intelligence understands networks and networking because we are the experts, with over 15 years experience connecting thousands of people who have made deep and enduring connections both personally and professionally.


This practical workshop will help you build and manage your networks even when you cannot be face-to-face. Led by Julia Hobsbawm OBE, Honorary Visiting Professor at The Business School (formerly Cass Business School, City of London, University of London), who is a leading expert in networking, you will learn:

* How to bring what you know to who you know .

* Why being a good networker is not all about selling – but understanding.

* How small scale is a big advantage when it comes to building sustainable networks.

* The importance of Dormant Ties: knowing who you already know

* Creating a ‘peoplebase’ not a ‘database’ to keep track of and manage connections

* What common mistakes to avoid.

Everyone who joins this workshop can be connected for free to the Editorial Intelligence network of 3,500 professionals in the UK and around the world to share experiences, ideas and make connections after the event. A PDF worksheet and copy of the digital presentation will be distributed to all attendees recapping the learning.





(Wednesday) 18:00 - 19:30