How to thrive during uncertain times: 30 days to become resilient AF | Lisa Barnwell

may, 2020

04mayAll Day01junHow to thrive during uncertain times: 30 days to become resilient AF | Lisa Barnwell

Lisa Barnwell online 4 week course


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How do YOU respond to CHANGE & UNCERTAINTY (especially when it’s unprecedented, relentless or all-consuming)?

Do you see RESILIENCE as toughening up to survive or having the capacity to go within?

Do you have the skill-set to EMBRACE your EMOTIONS and the COURAGE to be with your fear?

In January 2020 LinkedIn’s network of over 660+ million professionals rated ‘emotional intelligence’ (which includes self awareness) as a ‘top soft skill’. This was before the Coronavirus pandemic really took hold.

Now leaders have a duty of care to step up and put their own oxygen mask on first so they lead effectively and stay strong and well; physically, mentally and emotionally.

*** Learn how to become RESILIENT & ANTI-FRAGILE and embrace being an IMPERFECT LEADER ***

This short but powerful course will deliver laser-focused coaching techniques and cutting-edge tools to set you up for sustainable success and help you to LEAD WELL and THRIVE – whatever is going on around you.

  • Connect with your thoughts at the level of identity, shift your thinking and accelerate your growth

  • Discover the tools you need to expand your creativity, super-charge your energy and improve your connection with others

  • Know how to pivot and respond to challenges in real time

The course starts on Monday 4th May 2o2o and will run over 4 weeks.

Virtual teaches will be released every Monday 12 noon followed by a live group coaching call on Thursday 12.30pm with the chance to ask questions and receive group feedback each week. Recordings will be available.

Use discount code ‘WAVAP10’ for a 10% discount



May 4 (Monday) - June 1 (Monday)



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