Let’s talk about…Suicide Prevention | Manchester Airport Group & R;pple Suicide Prevention

Let's talk about...Suicide Prevention | Manchester Airport Group & R;pple Suicide Prevention

24nov10:0011:00Let's talk about...Suicide Prevention | Manchester Airport Group & R;pple Suicide Prevention

R;pple suicide prevention event

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In November 2020, Alice Hendy’s brother Josh, aged just 21 years old, took his own life. No one saw it coming. The shock and grief his family have, is something they experience every day. Still.

Two years on, just a day before the anniversary of Josh’s death, Alice will be sharing her story at this live event via Teams.

During this event, Alice will also talk about Ripple, the charity she has now founded in Josh’s memory. Ripple provides online suicide prevention support and intercedes harmful searches people carry out online – either at home or in the workplace.

In the last 12 months, the Ripple app has been downloaded 850,000 times, intercepted over 4,500 harmful internet searches and saved 24 lives. When talking to Alice about why Ripple is important for businesses, she says, ‘After everything I have been through, the worst thing I think a business could do, is take action after a colleague takes their own life. Ripple enables businesses to do something to prevent that happening.’

We hope you will join us at this event and take the opportunity to consider what you can do to save lives in your personal and professional environments.

Join us by clicking here on Thursday 24 November at 10am for a one-hour event with Ripple founder, Alice Hendy. Alternatively, please contact [email protected] for an outlook invite to secure the time in your diary with the event link.

*This event is being hosted by Jacqueline Shalks-White of Manchester Airports Group (MAG). MAG are a committed supporter of Ripple and have their technology on all of their work devices to support colleagues across the business.



(Thursday) 10:00 - 11:00(GMT+00:00)