LinkedIn Thrive Academy | My Super Connector

LinkedIn Thrive Academy | My Super Connector

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LinkedIn Thrive Academy

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The LinkedIn Thrive Academy programme is based on the four PACT principles: Presence, Action, Connect and Thrive.

Presence: So many business owners spend ages optimising their website at the expense of their LinkedIn profile, which is much more visible in Google. Don’t make the same mistake! You invest in a solid web presence on your website – but are you doing that in the very place where you are most visible?
Action: Make the most of LinkedIn with a clear strategy that plays to your strengths. There is no one size fits all approach to taking decisive action. Learn how to engage in a way that feels authentic to your personality and business goals.
Connect: No need to attempt mass campaigns to hook in thousands of lukewarm prospects. Leverage the power of real, honest one-to-one connection in a way that feels genuine.
Thrive: While others are struggling because they treat LinkedIn like a digital rat race, you can enjoy the most powerful networking platform in the world for the confidence, connections, and new clients it brings you.

The Academy is for you if…

  • ​You worry your profile is a bit haphazard and isn’t speaking to your target audience.
  • You’re just not getting enough enquiries and you’re attracting the wrong connections.
  • You are embarrassed about what to say when you connect with new contacts and don’t want to come across as too salesy.
  • You are time poor, not sure of where to start and are afraid of making mistakes.
  • You lack confidence, and waste too much time fretting over what others are posting.
  • Your content strategy equals the question What content strategy?
  • You know you’re not getting any ROI from LinkedIn but don’t know why.
  • You want to generate leads and be more visible, but are unsure how to stand out in a sea of competitors.

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