Low Ticket Live 4 Day Event

Low Ticket Live 4 Day Event

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Get inspired to create your next high-value, low ticket offer with creative ideas from the top innovative brains in the online business world.

I know, I know – those three descriptors haven’t traditionally been used to describe a single offer in the online business world.

But now? High-value, low ticket, strategically utilised offers are all the rage!
Here’s why:

1. You don’t have to charge thousands for an offer to be valuable.

Let’s be real: no one wants to buy another be-all, end-all, $2K+ course. 😬

The eight hours of video lessons, bi-weekly coaching calls, and 100+ page workbooks are just too much – both for business owners to create and for customers to consume.

A focused, to-the-point course about a single topic is far more valuable for your audience because it doesn’t waste their time or energy (or yours!). It’s also easier for you to create, since you’re not pouring all of your knowledge into a single signature offer.

2. Complicated, expensive strategies are out. Streamlined, simple, & innovative strategies are in.

Value ladders and complex funnels still have their place, but they’re not the only options anymore.

There are sooooo many ways of building your offer suite, selling your stuff, and having fun in your business – no tricky funnel maps or hyper-niching required.

3. Low ticket no longer means…

  • junky, clunky, should’ve-been-a-freebie pdfs
  • shallow, money-grabby courses
  • the first offer in a complicated sales funnel loop-de-loop
  • fluff-filled SLOs that collect digital dust in the downloads folder
  • Ready to leave all that ick in the 2010s?* Low Ticket Live is the place to be.

*Don’t worry, you can still wear jeans and a cute top. We won’t judge.

2023 is the year of low ticket offers being used/sold in new + creative ways.

That’s the prediction I made earlier this year in my client-student only group, and it’s already come true in so many ways.

From mini memberships to tiny courses to 1:1 support, there are low ticket offers out there that are breaking all the moulds of what we expect from a typical low ticket product.

And if you’re wanting to break the moulds, too, then you should definitely be at Low Ticket Live!

By the end of Low Ticket Live, you’ll be…

  • Super inspired to incorporate one (or two, or three, or more!) low ticket offers into your business ecosystem
  • Ready to mix up how you integrate low ticket offers into your business
  • Excited to try out the new strategies you’ve learned for positioning, marketing, & selling your low ticket offers



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july 10 (Monday) - 13 (Thursday)