Managing the Menopause | Women Empowering Women UK

Managing the Menopause | Women Empowering Women UK

19oct11:3013:00Managing the Menopause | Women Empowering Women UK

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Women’s Health Coach & Nutritionist will be giving you the right tools so have a better understanding on how to manage the Menopause.

Jacqui Sechiari, Women’s Health and Fitness Coach, specialises in helping women to transition through the menopause using a six pillar, holistic approach which focuses on:

  • sleep
  • nutrition
  • movement
  • stress
  • community
  • purpose

This webinar will give you some instant “hormone Hacks” that you can implement straight away to help relieve any symptoms of perimenopause. The purpose of the webinar is to arm you with the right knowledge so you can be better informed with a deeper understanding of our hormones, whilst accepting that we have a DIFFERENT body, so we have to make changes to our lifestyle. Ageing is a factor too, as are other possible lifestyle factors, but with the correct help you can find a new lease of life.



(Tuesday) 11:30 - 13:00(GMT+01:00)