Menopause Matters with Fay Reid, founder of 9to5menopause

Menopause Matters with Fay Reid, founder of 9to5menopause

02nov12:0014:00Menopause Matters with Fay Reid, founder of 9to5menopause

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The menopause comes in all sizes, ages, shapes and colours. And the effects of the menopause can be felt by those experiencing it and impact on those around them.

This young woman had a bad encounter with her mother’s menopause:

When I was around 25, I started to notice a change in my mum. It started off as small things such as swearing at herself under her breathe when she made simple errors such as forgetting something from the shop, snapping at us if we moaned about anything and complaining it was hot all the time.

I feel worried and a little anxious about the menopause as my knowledge is limited and watching my mum change into quite literally a different personality has made me resent the menopause and hold an anger towards it for changing my mum so much and impacting on my parent’s relationship and my own with my mum.

This man believes his marriage was destroyed by the menopause:

If I had been given some advice and guidance that some women do actually appear to go mad and that the menopause can cause extreme behaviours and outcomes, I believe my journey might not have been so traumatic.

I would have appreciated some help from other men too and I believe we should be included in the conversation.

These quotes illustrate some of the impacts of menopause. Whatever your ability, age, culture, ethnicity or gender, it’s likely that at some point in your life you will interact with someone experiencing the menopause.

Our workshop and panel event seeks to raise awareness of menopause and answer questions for people going through the menopause and their families, friends and allies.

Suitable for age 13+ years

We will be serving beverages. As it is a lunchtime event, please feel free to bring your lunch and/or your own mug.

About Fay Reid

Fay lives in London and has worked since she was 16. She has built up a career as an Executive Assistant/Project Manager supporting C Suite and UHNW. She has worked across various industries including Media, PR, Advertising, Tech, Government Agencies and Hospitality.

Fay now works with individuals, organisations and companies to bring awareness around the menopause and its impact on those experiencing it and those around them.

About 9to5menopause

When Fay started menopause there was a lack of information – “I had a full time job and still wanted to look and feel good…but there was hardly anyone talking about it, none had a 9 to 5 job or looked like me and I thought I can’t be the only one navigating this”

As Fay experienced hot flushes and other symptoms of menopause, she launched 9to5menopause on social media, initially just to share tips and present menopause in a more realistic light (not old, white and grey haired as depicted online).

“The menopause changed my life in ways I could not have imagined. Let’s talk about the challenges our bodies and minds experience in our daily life pre, during and after the menopause”




(Wednesday) 12:00 - 14:00


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