Open Strategy: Mastering disruption from outside the C-Suite

Open Strategy: Mastering disruption from outside the C-Suite

12may13:0014:00Open Strategy: Mastering disruption from outside the C-Suite

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Are you looking for smart ways to stay ahead of disruption? Execution that knocks the ball out of court?

The solution isn’t to hire smarter leaders or engage expensive consultants. It’s to reinvent how you plan for the future. Leading-edge companies have pioneered a whole new way of doing strategy, one tailor-made to today’s faster, more volatile business environment. Rather than limiting strategic deliberations to small executive teams, these organisations involve a wider group of people – front line employees, experts, suppliers, customers, entrepreneurs, and even competitors. They ‘open up’ strategy just like firms have opened up other areas of the enterprise, like innovation and marketing. The results have been spectacular.

In this talk Professor Christian Stadler will cover his forthcoming book Open Strategy. Mastering Disruption From Outside The C-suite. “Leaders told me and my coauthors that although only 30 percent of their strategic initiatives are open, those initiatives generate 50 percent of the revenue and profits. Strategic ideas developed via open discussions are fresher, more diverse, more accessible to front-line workers, and more easily executed. In this talk I will reveals the secrets of this path-breaking approach to strategy-making, giving you a glimpse at a range of tools deployed by global players like Barclays and Ericsson, hidden champions like Saxonia Systems and BPW, and government agencies like NATO and the US Navy.”




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