Reclaiming You: Why self care is non-negotiable

Reclaiming You: Why self care is non-negotiable

10nov18:3020:30Reclaiming You: Why self care is non-negotiable


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This event will demystify all things self-care. We’ll look at why it’s so much more than getting a massage or manicure, and why you don’t need money to do it. We’ll explore why it’s so vital to your healing from codependency. And why it’s anything but selfish! You’ll come away with practices to transform the way you self-care.

Self-care gets talked about a lot these days. But what is it really and how can it radically transform your life? This event aims to show you why self-care is not actually a luxury but central to your recovery from codependency.

Could you be struggling with boundaries?

  • Do you ever feel like you want to do more for yourself but there’s not enough time or money?
  • Does the idea of self-care feel self-indulgent or even somehow weak?
  • Do you resent others who do things just for themselves?
  • Do you ever feel worn down and just wish life would stop for a bit so you could have a rest?

In this event, I will explore and explain what self-care really is. You’ll find out why it’s impossible to fully heal from codependency without self-care. And why self-care is anything but selfish!! We’ll look at all the different elements that make up genuine self care and show how you can incorporate these into your life, even if you’re currently short on time or money. You’ll come away with concrete ways to immediately improve the way you care for your self and start seeing the benefits this brings to your life.

During this event, you will experience:

  • A loving, safe and joyful space in which I will explain what self-care really is and why you need to do more of it.
  • An exploration of why you might be unconsciously resisting self-care.
  • Some practical steps and practices to start caring for yourself in genuine and supportive ways that will radically support you in your life..
  • Informal Q & A.



(Thursday) 18:30 - 20:30(GMT+00:00)


The Hearth 16 Lonsdale Road London NW6 6RD