WeAreVirtual: Empowered Feminine Confidence | Katie Phillips

WeAreVirtual: Empowered Feminine Confidence | Katie Phillips

06oct12:0013:00WeAreVirtual: Empowered Feminine Confidence | Katie Phillips

WeAreVirtual, Katie Phillips

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Join Women’s Empowerment Master Coach and Divine Masculine/Feminine Embodiment Guide, Katie Phillips, for a masterclass on how healing your disempowered masculine & feminine energies are the route to experiencing aligned and grounded confidence.

Discover what it ‘really’ means to be an empowered woman!

We will explore:

* The key to feeling empowered, peaceful and confident
* How to stop the exhausting internal war to build self trust and vitality
* How to feel aligned, purposeful and driven in your work without burning out
* How to communicate confidently and get your needs met
* How to start valuing ‘me time’ without guilt
* And more …. !


Katie PhillipsAbout Katie

Katie founded ‘The School of Self Love’. She is an author, presenter, inspirational speaker and therapeutic master coach.
Katie is passionate about helping women to live a more Daring & Mighty Life! She champions and supports women who have a mission by guiding them to their unique way of empowered leadership. She believes the empowered woman will change the world and her work is her contribution to healing our planet.


(Wednesday) 12:00 - 13:00(GMT+01:00)