WeAreVirtual: How to have the challenging conversations of our time | Mia Forbes Pirie

WeAreVirtual: How to have the challenging conversations of our time | Mia Forbes Pirie

03jun12:0013:00WeAreVirtual: How to have the challenging conversations of our time | Mia Forbes Pirie

WeAreVirtual, Mia Forbes Pirie

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Talking about what’s most important

During the pandemic lockdowns most of us have felt the stark contrast between separation from the outside world and the intensity of the relationships with those we live with. At the same time, the political backdrop has been characterised by its own intensity. There have been strong feelings about government pandemic decisions, the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement in the wake of the death of George Floyd, disputes over votes in the US elections, not to mention the events at the US Capitol. At a time like this, learning to have better challenging conversations could not be more important.

In politics, business and in our homes we often end up polarised and avoiding important conversations that we need to have. This can leave us feeling frustrated, stuck and even a bit numb. Sometimes we just feel angry and “against”. It stops us from moving forward and finding the best solutions we can.

In this session, you will learn:

• What conflict is and why we become polarised and avoidant of conflict?
• What a good conversation looks like/really is
• How to set ourselves up for better conversations/The principles of good conversations
• How to handle difficult feelings
• How to handle yourself and other people


About Mia

Mia Forbes PirieMia Forbes Pirie – winner of the UK Independent Mediator of the Year 2021 Corporate International Award – is unafraid to broach the issues that many shy away from. A commercial and workplace mediator, she also helps people to have the difficult conversations that divide us. Whether its facilitating conversation about gay marriage, race or the refugee crisis, Mia has worked with clients ranging from the G7 countries to the Church of England, to reach peaceful solutions which create connection and positive transformation through challenging situations. Drawing on her bilingual (she’s fluent in French and Italian) facilitation and coaching skills, Mia is passionate about using the gift learnt in childhood and honed through academia and experience in adulthood, to help people have better conversations and create a more harmonious world which listens.

For more information visit: miaforbespirie.com or connect with Mia on LinkedIn


(Thursday) 12:00 - 13:00(GMT+01:00)