WeAreVirtual: You are enough – from inner critic to your own cheerleader | Lauren Paton

WeAreVirtual: You are enough – from inner critic to your own cheerleader | Lauren Paton

15apr12:0013:00WeAreVirtual: You are enough – from inner critic to your own cheerleader | Lauren Paton

WeAreVirtual, Lauren Paton

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Are you feeling like nothing you do right now is good enough? That *you’re* not good enough?

We all feel like that from time to time, but when things are hard it can seem like our inner critic literally won’t pipe down. While sometimes achieving the blissful state of self-love and acceptance can seem impossible when we feel like this, we can start to change our belief and work to change the critic to a cheerleader (Even if she’s chilling on the sofa rather than jumping in ecstasy!).

In this session, we’ll use Tapping (aka EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique) to help release some of the old programming that has caused us to feel like we’re not good enough, and start to replace it with a new belief that we’re enough just as we are.

EFT works to settle our nervous system and release emotional blocks that we’re holding onto. During a tapping sequence, we tap with our fingers on our energy meridians. It helps to activate a feeling of calm and release old patterns and limiting beliefs. If you’ve done any tapping before you’ll know that it’s very powerful, and you can expect to feel a release and a shift in your energy in just one session.

In this session, I’ll take you through the principles of the tapping technique and you’ll follow along with me as we work specifically on working through some of the layers to our feelings of not being good enough.

We’ll cover:

What tapping is
How it can help feeling like you’re not enough
How to tap
A group tapping session on replacing not enough with good enough
It’s useful to have a notebook or journal handy to jot down anything that comes up during the session.


About Lauren

Lauren PatonLauren is the founder of Unleashed Coaching, which brings a powerful combination of coaching, mentoring and energy therapy together with her own brand of spiritually-minded straight-talking support to help women clear the blocks to unlimited confidence. She bring her years of professional, mentoring and life experience to coaching women through creating a high-performance business, thriving in high-pressure environments, or finding their purpose for the next stage of their lives. She’s a firm believer that if we unleash ourselves from the blocks in our past, we can create a happier and more successful future.

Offering three-month and half-day VIP programmes, as well as session-by-session options for private clients and businesses, Lauren helps women find their inner confidence, break through their limiting beliefs and internal blocks, learn how to priorities their needs and build effective self-care habits.



(Thursday) 12:00 - 13:00