How the Executive Recruiting Process Works

Executive positions can be some of the hardest for companies to fill. Between trying to find the perfect candidate, weeding through countless qualified individuals, and bringing them on board once they’ve been hired, the process can be overwhelming and exhausting. Luckily, working with executive recruiters can take some of the edge off and make this process easier for everybody.

PierceGray_5-01When companies find themselves looking for new executives, one of their best options is to turn to an executive recruiting firm. Executive recruiters like those at PierceGray are experts at matching companies with qualified executives and they are trained in the most effective ways to find the best leaders for specific positions. Having an experienced recruiter on your side while searching for a new executive will make the hiring process much smoother.

What is the Executive Recruiting Process?

The executive recruiting process is relatively straightforward. Some of the main steps of the process include:

  1. The hiring company selects an executive recruiting firm to work with. The hiring company chooses a recruiting firm and agrees to provide payment to recruiters based on retainer, container, or contingency.
  2. Executive recruiters meet with the company. By meeting with the company, recruiters learn the specific characteristics and qualifications that the company is looking for. They also learn about the position and the company as a whole and are then able to draw up an appealing job description that they will circulate among their network of candidates.
  3. Executive recruiters cast a net. Once recruiters have a firm understanding of the position they’re trying to fill and the type of candidate they’re looking for, the search process begins. Through consultant-candidate communications and by using their firms’ resources, recruiters market the position to those who they feel would be a good fit.
  4. Recruiters and the hiring company assess the candidates. Once a handful of potential candidates have been found, the executive recruiting firm will begin to narrow their list through a series of interviews. The last step in the hiring process is a meeting between the hiring company and the recruiting firm where the two companies will compare candidates (through a process called “scorecarding”). At the end of the scorecarding sessions, a final candidate will be selected.
  5. The new executive is brought on board. Sometimes, the executive hiring agency will also assist the hiring company with their “on-boarding” process once a final candidate is selected. They may help to facilitate an agreement between the new executive and the hiring company.

The executive recruiting process takes time and concentrated effort from both the hiring company and the executive recruiting firm. Through close collaboration with the company, executive recruiters are able to find not only the most qualified candidate but also the one who will be the best fit for the company. Because executive recruiters are extremely thorough in their searches and are trained in ways to find the best matches for companies, working with qualified, experienced recruiters can help make the executive hiring process quick and painless.

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