Coach: Susan Coombes | Executive & Voice Coach, The City Voice Studio

Executive & Voice Coach“I would like you to deliver a presentation, address a conference/meeting, fly to New York and meet the directors…..”

These few phrases casually mentioned can fill you with despair, and cause all types of anxiety symptoms ranging from muscular/skeletal aches and pains, insomnia, concern over the voice such as hoarseness and worry over projection.

In the fast pace of today’s business environment, nearly all professional and business people have to stand and speak in front of audiences both large and small.

A well trained audible, modulated phrased speaking voice can be the difference between appearing confident or nervous and unprepared.

The voice studio provides bespoke one to one coaching in elocution public speaking to clients working in the City companies.

Executive & Voice Coach Details

Contact email address: [email protected]
Company name: The City Voice Studio
Prime Locations: City of London West End Hertfordshire
Coaching Profile: Executive, Vocal, Voice
Average cost per session: £150.
Website URL:

WeAreTheCity are happy to provide a list of coaches that you may consider engaging with either as a life coach or as a careers coach.  However, we advise all our members to research all individuals prior to engagement to ensure the right fit.

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