Explore art with all the senses at ‘Tate Sensorium’

Tate Britain is offering visitors its most unique art experience yet – Tate Sensorium.

Tate Sensorium aims to explore and encourage a new way of experiencing galleries. The exhibition uses ultrasound waves, touchless haptics, bespoke fragrances and even a master chocolatier to bring the paintings to life through our five senses. Visitor also have the opportunity to wear a biometric wristband that monitors and tracks your emotions – how calm or excited you are and what makes you sweat.

Created by Flying Object, the Sensorium is the winning project of IK Prize 2015. Awarded annually by the Tate museum, the IK Prize awards creative talent for ideas that use ‘innovative technology to enable the public to discover, explore and enjoy British art from the Tate collection in new ways.’

Tom Pursey, the co-founder of Flying Object said, “We wanted to really get into the museum space and do something which actually played with the way that you’re experiencing the art.”

The pieces on display feature four 20th century British paintings including Francis Bacon’s Figure in a Landscape; David Bomberg’s In the Hold; John Latham’s Full Stop; and Richard Hamilton’s Interior II.

According to the Tate’s website, they chose artworks that would ‘play with abstraction in different ways, all of which can be appreciated sensually in terms of their subject matter, use of shape, form, colour, style and your own imagination.’

Tate Sensorium is a month long display from 26th August to 20th September and is free to the general public. It is an intimate affair and as such only four people are allowed into the exhibition at one time, so it’s a good idea to get there early. Tickets are released on a first-come-first-serve basis – to find out more about visiting Tate Sensorium, click here.

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