Exploring attitudes towards the reporting of rape in the City of London | Survey

WeAreTheCity is supporting Caroline Fisk, a MSc Criminology and Criminal Justice Student at City, University of London, with her research to explore and understand attitudes towards the reporting of rape in the City of London.


Rape and sexual assaults are some of the most serious yet misunderstood crimes in society. These offences occur within all communities and can be committed against anyone, by anyone, anywhere and at any time.

It is acknowledged that research within the area of sexual offences is highly sensitive but it is essential if society is to gain a deeper understanding of the nature and scale of the problem and enable the appropriate agencies, both governmental and non-governmental, to develop working strategies that deal with the problem and its associated issues.

I respectfully seek your cooperation with research in this area by asking you to spend 10-15 minutes completing a short survey addressing the issue of the reporting of rape to the police.  The objective of the research is to establish, through the presentation of a series of hypothetical scenarios, whether or not you feel a report of rape should be made to the police and to explore what factors may influence your decision.

The focus of this research has been intentionally limited to explore the current attitudes to the reporting of rape that prevail amongst the professional female workforce within the City of London who are largely considered to be an under-researched population group.

The survey is anonymous and confidential and you will not be asked to provide personal details that may disclose your identity or be asked to provide details of any specific personal experiences.

Whilst this survey is being conducted for an individual student as part of a MSc Criminology and Criminal Justice degree with City, University of London, the overall findings will be shared with the City of London Police with a view to exploring how the quality of service delivered to victims and survivors of sexual offences may be enhanced.

To complete the survey please access it by pressing the link below. The results from this survey will be posted on the WATC website in September once the data has been collected and interpreted.


Thank you very much for participating in this research.

About the author

This research is being conducted by Caroline Fisk, a MSc Criminology and Criminal Justice Student with City, University of London.

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