This is how many extra days you work by not taking your full lunch break

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Research by has revealed how many extra days the average UK employee works when they don’t take their lunch break.

The study concluded that the average worker in the UK takes just 34 minutes for their lunch, according to Refinery29.

By not taking the full hour, employees lose 26 minutes every day that they’re are fully entitled to.

52 per cent of uk workers revealed they skip their lunch break completely at least once a week, and 37 per cent don’t even leave the office.

Workthere discovered that 70 per cent of those who work in HR skip lunch, with those in Finance closely following at 68 per cent.

In third was the Arts and Culture sector, which saw 62 per cent of employees skipping lunch.

Londoners seem to avoid taking a lunch break more than any other area, followed by workers in Birmingham, Manchester and Norwich.

Workthere explained that having the right facilities can help staff feel more productive and comfortable throughout the day, boosting morale and a healthy mind.

This was backed up by the survey participants, a third of which felt like an outdoor space would boost their productivity,

Refinery29 worked out that 2017 has 232 working days after deducting an average of 20 days for holiday.

After adding those 26 minutes per working day, it works out to over 100 hours of extra work a year. If a person works an eight hour day, then skipping 26 minutes of lunch will add 12 extra working days to their year.

Cal Lee, the founder of Workthere explained that wellness and work improves by having a full hour. He said employers are: ‘increasingly recognising the benefits of ensuring staff are content, happy, and most importantly in good health’.

He emphasised the importance of taking lunch:

“Part of this is creating a productive office environment where employees feel comfortable taking a longer lunch break and engaging with colleagues.”

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