Fantastic Christmas gift ideas… Herbalife SKIN

Herbalife SKIN is solution-based skin care nutrition that balances ingredients, botanicals, and extracts with proven science for a luxurious experience and healthier-looking skin every day.

Fantastic Christmas gift ideas… From stocking fillers to luxury presents…

Enhance the appearance of your skin with our optimum blend of Vitamin B3, antioxidant Vitamins C and E, Aloe Vera and other botanical ingredients. Herbalife SKIN is paraben-free, sulphate-free and dermatologist tested.

Pamper yourself with lush textures; soothe yourself with silky soft lathers. Be inspired by radiant essential oils and fresh, rejuvenating fragrances. Surprise yourself each day and all day with experiences as illuminating as they are luxurious.

Our clinically-tested products help you achieve maximum daily results including softer, smoother, more radiant skin and long-term benefits of a diminished appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Take a look at the programmes available, with all products sold separately too.

Ladies… Have a wish list? If you are interested in a skin care hamper or any of our Herbalife products for Christmas, email with your choices and details of your partner and leave the rest to us! Email: [email protected]


So, your skin is now glowing and you’re looking fabulous – what about the inner nutrition and preparing for the party season?

Try our TEN DAY DETOX programme in the run up to Christmas or New Year and feed your body at a cellular level.

With FIBREBOND which adds to your daily fibre intake, helps curb snacking and absorbs fat it’s a Festive Period essential!

Key benefits

  • Fibrebond contains soluble and insoluble fibre which could help your body get the fibre it needs, when added to dietary fibre intake from other sources.

How can it help you?

There are two types of fibre, soluble and insoluble, which pass through the body undigested. Soluble fibre helps to maintain healthy cholesterol levels and has a role binding & eliminating fat and regulating blood sugars. While insoluble fibre helps to move toxin waste through the body.

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