Female bosses are liked more by employees than male bosses

Businesswoman shouting her victory to the world, female bossesHalf of female bosses are liked by their employees compared to just 39 per cent of male bosses, according to a new survey.

In the recently released research, FreeOfficeFinder also found that over half of office workers surveyed don’t like their boss. Out of those surveyed, 26 per cent of people said they like their boss ‘a little bit’, while only 13 per cent claimed to like their manager ‘a lot’.

Reasons for not liking their boss amongst the 1000 people surveyed ranged from poor communication, incompetency in their job, being a bully, being dishonest and showing a lack of recognition.

Nearly 60 per cent of employees dread work because of their boss at times and 62 per cent of office workers have previously quit a job because of their boss. The survey also found that 40 per cent of office workers didn’t think that their boss is very good at their job.

The company conducted the survey to give business owners, managers and employees an idea of how people view their bosses. FreeOfficeFinder work with companies from central London to Edinburgh, helping them find office space.

To view the full survey, click here

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