Female Breadwinners – the Future of the Modern Workforce

A quarter of all co-habitating women earn more than their partner, and the number is set to dramatically rise.

Available from 1 October 2011

The rising number of women earning more than their partners is causing couples to renegotiate gender roles in the home.  At work, forward-thinking employers must adapt to capitalise on this growing talent pool, reveals a new book:

Female Breadwinners: How they Make Relationships Work and Why they are the Future of the Modern Workforce by Dr. Suzanne Doyle-Morris, examines the phenomenon of the rising tide of women who earn more than their male partners. Hitherto a taboo subject not usually discussed even amongst friends, Dr. Doyle-Morris provides critical new insight into the complex world of the female breadwinner.

For couples, the new book plots a way forward that makes more sense for women and men when they are bucking convention and entering unchartered territory between the sexes.

For companies, the signs are that the future of the workforce of tomorrow is increasingly female.  The insights in this book will help enlightened companies to retain their top-performing, senior women.

The importance of the female breadwinner should not be under-estimated: 25% of UK women and 22% of American women are now earning more than the male partners they live with – a five-fold increase respectively from 1970’s.

This social shift offers great potential and challenges to both the workplace and to modern couples. The higher earner in the home is the expectation that most men have contended with for generations, but we are seeing a societal shift which sees more women taking on the breadwinning role with it’s burdens and advantages.

The reality of women as primary breadwinners is not just here, but is also the future, because of the number of women outpacing men at universities, writes Dr. Doyle-Morris.

Female Breadwinners investigates this phenomenon through looking at the lives of women living in the UK, continental Europe and the U.S., all of whom share the good, the bad and the ugly about the role of female breadwinner.

Female Breadwinners: How They Make Relationships Work and Why they are the Future of the Modern Workforce.  (Wit and Wisdom Press, £14.99)

Available from1 October 2011 at www.femalebreadwinners.com
or www.amazon.com

Cover and author image available on request.  Review copy available on request.

To contact Dr. Doyle-Morris:

[email protected] or 01333 312 111

About the Author:
Suzanne Doyle-Morris, PhD is also author of Beyond the Boys’ Club: Strategies for Achieving Career Success as a Woman Working in a Male Dominated Field (Wit & Wisdom Press, £13.99,  October 2009).   She is an expert on gender equality, diversity in the workplace and career progression for executive women, and her Ph.D from the University of Cambridge focused on the experiences of women working in male-dominated fields.  A Washington D.C. native, she resides in the UK and her writing is based on her executive coaching work with women in a range of blue-chip companies and universities. She is also one of our Inspirational Women so take a look now

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