Female staff at London’s Dorchester Hotel sent grooming rules

 The Dorchester has triggered complaints after a  ‘downright offensive’ list of grooming do’s and don’t s was emailed to all female employees.Dorchester Hotel

The strict list included no oily skin, no hairy legs and to wear full make up at all times. Finally, all females were instructed to ensure pristine manicures at all times.

Bosses of the hotel, which has long been a favourite of celebrities, are adamant that staff must be immaculate at all times.

Demands has not gone down well with upset members of staff, most of whom earn around £9 an hour.

The mail reports that one angry employee, who wishes not to be named, said:

‘It is disgusting. This list is like something out of the dark ages, and downright offensive.

‘It’s not as though you choose to have oily skin and a lot of women, especially teenagers, cannot help it – no facial wash or moisturiser in the world can control that.

‘The women are all pretty livid but worry that if they complain – or rebel and turn up to work with chipped, dirty nails and hairy legs, for example, they’ll be sacked on the spot.’

The list is as follows:


  • shave your legs (even if wearing tights)
  • wear full make-up
  • wash your hair
  • brush your teeth
  • use deodorant
  • have regular manicures


  • Have oily skin
  • Wear overly garish or bright make-up
  • Display chipped or bitten nails
  • Have off-putting body odour
  • Display any excess body hair, which includes the face

Celebrities such as the Kardashians, Mariah Carey and Tom Cruise have stayed in the Dorchester . The most expensive suite – The Harlequin – costs up to £7,700 per night.

The mail reports that Sam Smether, chief executive of women’s rights organisation, The Fawcett Society, said:

‘It is completely unacceptable for any woman to be told what she should wear and how she should look.

‘Employers should concentrate on what enables people to do a good job and what drives productivity. ‘This is 2016 not 1970; we need to see an end to this kind of objectification of women.’


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