Female entrepreneur? Win £50,000 for your business campaign with Innovate UK

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In a new initiative, Innovate UK are looking for potential female entrepreneurs and leaders in innovation to support and fund to success.

The innovation agency has up to £200,000 to award to the successful applicants, as well as tailored support throughout the process. This support includes introductions to investors and relevant contacts, coaching on funding programmes and communications training.

This support is on offer to 12 female entrepreneurs, with four entrants also winning £50,000. The company is looking for women who have ‘real potential to become leaders in business innovation’; ‘are comfortable taking on the position of role model’; and ‘have the capability and personal drive to achieve success.’

Innovate UK are looking for women in manufacturing and materials; infrastructure systems; emerging and enabling technologies; and health and life science sectors. The awards are open to any woman in the UK with experience in business innovation.

This is the first female only Innovate UK competition, introduced as a result of the agency’s ‘infocus’ campaign. Innovate UK is the government’s innovation agency. They fund and support science and technology innovations that will help to grow the UK’s economy.

The agency said, “We acknowledge that the needs of a woman running a start-up company will differ from a woman who is the employee of a large company and as such will tailor support to suit the individual and their plan. For example, with a start-up company the focus may be on activities aimed at growing the business whereas the employee of a larger firm may wish to exploit new areas of innovation or develop new skills/capabilities required to become a successful innovator/entrepreneur.”

The competition opens on 1st June 2016 and the application deadline is at noon on 24th August 2016.

Find out more and apply here.

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