Female journalists create network to tackle sexual harassment in media

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In the wake of the #MeToo campaign, a group of leading female journalists have created a professional network to raise awareness of sexual harassment.

The Second Source was co-founded by Rosamund Urwin who set up the alternative professional network to make a ‘cultural change’ in the media industry.

Urwin explained, This isn’t – as some have bizarrely framed it – a ‘witch hunt’.

What we want is cultural change in our industry – and we hope this call will spread beyond the media to other workplaces too.

Rosamund is among 20 journalists behind Second Source, which exists to listen to and support anyone in the industry who is experiencing harassment or doesn’t know how to address inappropriate behaviour.

She said she was inspired to set up the network after hearing how freelance reporter Emily Reynolds was targeted:

It was after reading a piece by my fellow journalist Emily Reynolds about sexual harassment she had suffered that I realised that unless we act, nothing will change.

It will happen to the 23-year-olds of tomorrow, as it once happened to me and happened to Emily.

Second Source has been backed by mayor of London Sadiq Khan, who says: “I strongly support the women journalists who have come together to create The Second Source.

We must do everything we can to ensure women are able to speak out and have their concerns properly investigated.”

Jo Swinson, deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats has also backed the movement.

The professional network will also encourage workplaces to consider their own practices and adopt policies to improve existing ones.

A free mailing list will link women to upcoming networking events, and provide information on the work that is being done to combat sexual harassment in the media industry.

The network will also provide signposting to resources including legal, counseling and therapy.

Check out the Second Source website here.

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