Female Westminster staff discuss ‘sex-pest’ MP’s in WhatsApp group

Image via Pixabay
Female researchers, secretaries and aides working in Westminster have a secret WhatsApp group to name ‘sex-pest’ MPs.

The group is said to have accused politicians, MP’s and cabinet members of being “very handsy” and “not safe” in taxis or lifts.

Whilst none of the MP’s have been named, the allegations, reported in The Sun, could result in several resignations, according to the newspaper.

A member of the group said: ‘The usual old suspects are there but there have been some surprising younger names crop up.”

Allegedly, other claims in the WhatsApp group include “(blank) touched my arse at drinks party” and “watch out for (blank) at conference”.

A Commons spokesperson told the paper: “The House of Commons takes the welfare of everyone who works in Parliament very seriously.

“A free confidential helpline is provided by the House and available 24/7 for all Members’ staff.”

The news comes after female MPs have been speaking out about their experiences of sexual harassment.

Labour MP Jess Phillips claimed to be assaulted by her boss whilst working in a bar, whilst MP Mary Creagh said she was attacked in the school playground when she was only seven years old.

She said: “I had my underwear torn off during a game of kiss chase and was sexually assaulted by about 12 boys. They were older than me, about ten or 11 years old.”

She also told how she was groped by her local priest and was accosted by a teacher after he gave her a lift home from school.

Last week, a viral social media campaign saw women posting “me too” to identity as victims of sexual harassment.

The campaign reached notoriety as thousands of women worldwide shared their sexual harassment stories.

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