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FemaleNetwork.com is an interactive community and guide for Filipino Women that is owned by Summit Media. It is a site for Filipino women that gives daily tabs on life, love, opinions, fashion and practical tips. This is a place in the web where people, particularly women, can interact with each other through forums, blogs and photo sharing.

FemaleNetwork is also the online home of the magazines Candy, Cosmopolitan Philippines, Good Housekeeping Philippines, Smart Parenting, Preview, Entrepreneur, and Seventeen Philippines.

FemaleNetwork is the first Philippine website for women. The Filipina’s ultimate online guide to navigating the world with ease and style, FemaleNetwork provides women with exclusive articles on fashion, relationships, entertainment, health, and a whole lot more—all of which inspire them to be the best women they could be. It also provides them with a venue to be heard with FN’s online forums in GirlTalk and the MyFN Chat Room. FN allows its readers to have their own personal space on the website, with features that let them create profiles, upload content, and be part of a close-knit community of FN peers. FemaleNetwork is truly the home of the Filipina online.

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