Feminism reinstated to A-level syllabus after uproar over its removal

women studying a-level syllabusFeminism will be reinstated into the A-Level politic syllabus, after uproar over its removal.

According to a report in the Independent on Sunday, the government has made a u-turn on its plans to scrap the subject and to remove teaching on the topic of sex/gender, gender equality and patriarchy.

Activists June Eric-Udorie and Jacquelyn Guderley recently urged the government to add more female thinkers to the curriculum in a campaign that was backed by The Women’s Equality Party (WE).

In addition WE Party leader Sophie Walker met with Education Minister Nicky Morgan to discuss.

“WE are delighted that June and Jacquelyn’s voices have been heard, along with the more than 45,000 people that supported this petition,” said Walker.

“The Education Minister and I discussed the need to make sure feminism stays on the A-level curriculum, and also the need to offer more female role models in all of the subjects we teach so that we can encourage girls to study subjects like maths and science that are too often seen as only for boys.”

 Welcoming the news Walker added: “WE now look forward to progress on our other education goals and think Monday’s Commons debate is a great opportunity to respond to the many people demanding a more equal education for all.”

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