Fertility in the workplace & how employers can help

By Sandra Greenbank, Nutritional Therapist

fertility, woman taking a pregnancy testInfertility affects nearly 3.5 million adults of working age, that is around 1 in 7 couples.  The World Health Organisation recognised it as a ‘disease of the reproductive system’.  

A recent survey by independent fertility practitioner Sandra Greenbank showed that the majority of employees in large organisations who are undergoing treatment are doing so without a fertility policy in place.

And a staggering 87 per cent of those surveyed agreed that they would be more loyal to an organisation carrying a comprehensive policy, with 81 per cent stating that it would make the company a more attractive employment prospect.  Quite simply put, if your organisation has a policy it is likely to have a beneficial impact on employee retention, satisfaction and productivity.

Due to the current Covid-19 crisis, fertility treatment globally has been put on hold indefinitely due to the lack of knowledge about its impact on early pregnancy. This has thrown those couples who rely on assisted reproductive technology into turmoil.   Couples who have had their treatment halted will be eager to get back on track as soon as the restrictions are lifted. Creating a fertility policy within the company now, so that this is ready for when those fertility treatments are able to start again, will be reassuring to those members of staff and is likely to have a positive impact on productivity and mental health.

The aim of a good fertility program should be to educate HR teams, highlight best practice and ensure employees are looked after. The Greenbank Fertility Policy will review current organisational practices, offer tips and practical advice, as well as implementing and supporting any changes.

This holistic approach aims to educate the entire organisation with one-on-one training and insight for those in lead roles, together with video sessions and team coaching.  In this way, Sandra can ensure fertility is understood and that those undergoing treatment feel supported in their work place.

For a corporate fertility program to work it needs to be communicated to all staff not just those suffering from infertility.

For more information on our Corporate Fertility Policy head to the website www.sandragreenbank.co.uk

About the author

Sandra GreenbankSandra Greenbank finalised her training in 2009 as a registered Nutritionist, Coach & Functional Medicine Practitioner. She specialises in fertility, women’s health, helping people achieve healthy pregnancies & postnatal support.  She also has her own training school “The Sandra Greenbank Method” ensuring best practices within the fertility sector for nutritional therapists starting out. She recently launched her Corporate Fertility Program, which is focused on shining a light on fertility in the work place & how best practices can be put in place.

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