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Hot on the heels of the precious ‘Man Cave’, the ‘She Shed’ is taking the want and need for female exclusive spaces and running with it.

‘She sheds’ are typically built in the garden or an outside space and offer a dedicated area for working, creating or just relaxing. Unlike the dark and gloomy man cave, the ‘she shed’ is ‘light, fluffy, airy and well decorated’ – and they are seemingly on the rise.

In a survey conducted by Atelier Garden Studios, they found that 37% of people thought of a ‘she shed’ as a ‘room dedicated to work and relaxation.’ They also found that a huge proportion of women – 56% – own their own ‘she shed’.

atelier she shedAtelier are currently calling for a ‘She Shed Revolution’, in the hope to encourage women to find a place all of their own in which to truly unleash their greatest potential. With more women than ever leaving the corporate lifestyle and creating their own businesses, the need to have a dedicated space to work is on the rise.

Alongside their research and survey, the company also interviewed nine, successful businesswomen to find out why they champion the ‘she shed’. Gemma Guise, Managing Director of Journolink and WATC Rising Star 2015, said that a shed helps “to separate work and personal life”, while freelance writer, Becky Barnes said her space allows her to “feel more organised and motivated now. It’s nice to be able to set boundaries and feel more official.”

Speaking of the revolution, Hannah Barnes, Marketing & PR Manager for Atelier, said, “When we sat down to brainstorm ‘customer x’ at the beginning of the Atelier journey, we could never have imagined how wrong we were! In the past 6 months we have seen a wave of enquiries from powerful women in business who need a segregated space to maintain their work, life balance. More women than ever before are looking for modern garden studios to use as business HQ or simply for their hobbies and relaxation. At Atelier Garden Studios, we’ve already seen a 60% increase in female interest. We decided that this growing number of women needed investigating and so Atelier conducted the She Shed Survey to take a closer look, and get a greater understanding of, our new ‘customer x’.”

Atelier Garden Studios has been offering unique and bespoke greenhouses and studios since 1938. They use the finest materials and British manufacturing to create luxury spaces perfect to your needs.

To find out more about the She Shed Revolution and Atelier, click here. You can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

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