02/12/2015: Find your Strengths for Career Success

find your strengthsResearch suggests when you know and play fully to your strengths, you can stay inspired, boost personal performance and realise your full potential at work. Yet you maybe more aware of your development areas than where you truly excel. In this workshop with experienced coach Ros Toynbee you’ll get clarity on what truly energises you and how you can use your strengths strategically to overcome challenges and achieve career success.

During the master class you will:
  • Understand the critical distinction between skills or competencies – and strengths
  • Learn your personal Significant Seven and Standout Three Strengths, and understand how they work together to realise peak performance and a feeling of “flow”
  • Gain insight into unrealised strengths you could be using more, and your “strengths in overdrive”
  • Discover how to use the Path of Possibility™ mind-set to stay confident and resilient in any professional challenge
  • Receive coaching from your facilitator and peers to work through a real challenge you’re currently facing, or to get clarity about your next career steps

Before the session, you’ll be given the opportunity to undertake the online Strengthscope™ Assessment, the world’s leading strengths assessment tool, so you can receive feedback during the workshop.

By the end of this master class you’ll:
  • Know exactly what your strengths are and how to use them at work
  • Have a personalised action plan to address a current challenge which you feel confident and ready to implement after the day
This master class is for you if you:
  • Desire to know how to use your strengths to realise your full potential and achieve professional and career success
  • Want to know how to use your strengths to overcome challenging situations
  • Are returning to the workplace and want a confidence boost and/or some support to think through your next steps

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