Finding capable mothers to work in your company

Women drinking wineTalented, motivated and capable people make all the difference to the commercial and cultural success of all companies. And with today’s technological advancements they don’t need to work full time.

To meet that challenge of finding the ideal combination of talent, the big corporates are increasingly expanding their search to include part-time and flexible workers, who now make up over a quarter of the UK’s total workforce. They’re following a path well trodden by pioneering SMEs who have for a long time sought the benefits of part-time and flexible workers – to fill key roles without the full time price tag; to retain their talented workers when they find them; and to outsmart bigger but more traditional competitors by accessing overlooked (and to date under-utilised) pools of talent.

However, despite the obvious benefits, it has simply not always been straightforward for employers to find the part-time talent that they are looking for. One talent pool has been particularly well hidden….individuals as highly skilled as they are focused and driven, they are mothers who have had successful full-time careers but who now want to combine stimulating part-time or flexible work with raising their children. In my experience, many employers recognise just how valuable these mothers are, but have felt frustrated that there has been no easy way to find them.

Woman standing in a door wayWhich is why we’re really excited today to launch We’re an online members’ community dedicated to helping employers tap into this hidden pool of talent by matching and connecting them specifically with those highly capable mothers who are in turn looking for part-time or flexible work that can make the most of their expertise.

In addition to matching and connecting mothers and employers, provides a platform for this community to support, get to know and advise each other. Through its unique software and interactive dashboard, mothers can connect as trouble-shooters, job shares or mentors; use practical tools to get a realistic assessment of their salary requirements; and through their dedicated Member and Client Support Team rely on high-quality customer care and service.

Experts in personal and professional development are also active in the community, offering training and advice in a wide range of areas – from building an online presence to professional coaching. Mothers can rate these services, thereby forming a directory of trusted and credible professionals, which will act as a guide not only for other mothers but also employers looking to invest in training for their workforce.

woman smilingTo celebrate our launch, we’re delighted to offer the readers of a chance to try out the platform for free. If you are an employer, we’d like to invite you to post any part-time or flexible role with us for one month for free from the day that you post it. This offer expires on 14 August 2015.

And if you are a mother or an expert in personal or professional development, we’re delighted to offer you a free trial membership until 30 September 2015.

To take advantage of these offers, please email our Member and Client Support Team at [email protected] or call on 0207 1188223; explain whether you are a mother, expert or employer (or all three!) and quote the code WATC.

We look forward to welcoming you to our fast growing community, with 3000+ mothers and 100+ employers already registered across a diverse range of sectors from financial services, property and technology to law, consultancy and marketing. Together, we’re determined to show how part-time working is the way to find and retain talent and that flexibility can apply just as successfully to senior as well as junior roles.

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