Finding your MOJO when you’re busy

When you have a deadline; long meeting or even participating in a conference, it is easy to lose energy. To get stuck in your chair. For tension to take over your body. Then you become less effective at working – or concentrating. I deliver energising activities in conferences to raise energy and focus levels. For more details email me.

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I know stress, fatigue and getting stuck in a chair in front of a screen, impacts my productivity. I have various activities I use to find my MOJO again: BUT I am also aware that I have my own office, and can do things that would disturb fellow workers in a bigger office! If I want to switch on some music and dance, I can!

Here are my tips for rediscovering your MOJO when stressed.

  • Every hour, get up from your chair; stretch, gently move your neck around.
  • Drink plenty of water: getting up from your desk to fetch some more water means you are getting some exercise
  • Every hour stand and take deep breaths, each time you exhale, slowly, try to relax (this could be done in a cloakroom)
  • Don’t just get stuck in your seat; if you need to speak to someone, walk round to their office or desk – at least you are exercising.
  • Don’t be afraid to leave the office for 10 minutes to walk either in the street where you can take some deep breaths, relax and refocus.
  • If you are able, put some uplifting, energising music on your iPad and listen to it (through earphones). 1970s Disco music is particularly good for re-energising.


About the author

Susan Heaton Wright is a former opera singer who works with successful individuals and teams to make an impact with their voices and physical presence. Using her experience in using the voice and performing on stage, she works with people to improve their performances in a range of business situations; from meeting skills and on the telephone, to public speaking, presentations and appearing on the media.

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