Worlds top fitstagrammer earns a third of male counterpart’s income

Sommer Ray Instagram
Sommer Rey
Despite making up 84 per cent of Instagram’s fitness bloggers, women are still being paid significantly less than male bloggers.

Sommer Ray, the most popular ‘fitstagrammer’ on Instagram, is estimated to earn £4 million a year.

The fitness star can earn $26,275 (£20,000) per post – which amass up to 500,000 likes – with the images ranging from fashion, beauty, food and travel. Joe Wicks, British body coach, who is famous for his ‘Lean In‘ series, earns the most money of any Instagrammer, with roughly £12 million a year.

He is estimated to make £33,000 a day due to the popularity of his fitness programmes, cookbooks and Instagram posts. Up to 500 people a day sign up for Wicks’ £147 weight loss plan.

The findings were discovered by The Fit List rankings, which lists the highest-earning ‘fitstagrammers’ in the industry.

Out of the top 50 bloggers on the social media site, 42 are female. And of the top ten most popular, none are male, as Joe Wicks takes the 12th spot on the list.

Forza Supplements managing director Lee Smith spoke to Elle:

“Fitness is big business. Clearly female fitstagrammers are far more popular on social media and 42 of the top 50 are women, and none of the top 10 is a man,” said Smith.

“There is a clear gender pay gap amongst the very highest earners because Joe Wicks is making three times as much as the highest ranked female on the list.”

“Joe Wicks may be the top earner now, but I suspect he is going to get toppled by a woman in the next few years, thanks to the power of Instagram,” he added.

In second place on the chart is Miami-based fitness guru Michelle Lewin, who is earning $4.6million (£3.5million) a year and has over 12.6million followers. She has her own range of fitness products, and earnings also come from subscribers to her monthly fitness plans and apps.

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