Five things to consider when you’re considering change – part three

In the first two parts of the series we considered why we want to make a change, where in our lives we need to make it, whether it might be a case of shifting perception rather than reality and if we need to practice stop management before we race off and start something new. Spending time reflecting on these questions can help ensure we make the right decisions about what and how to change, meaning that we set off down the right path from the beginning.

But, in the end change is a verb – a doing word so in the final part of the series we focus on ACTION starting with identifying one thing we could do right now!

5.       What’s the one thing you can do today?

Often when we thinking of making a ‘life-change’ we get so caught up in the belief that we have to have a perfect plan and exact timing that we stop ourselves before we even start. But as the saying goes ‘the future is NOW’ so there’s no reason you can’t start by making one small change today, right now in fact.  Here’s some suggestions on some small steps you could take today:

  • If you want to get off the busy cycle…clear your diary by cancelling all your social engagements for the week – just send everyone an email explaining that you’re doing a little experiment with doing less in your life and are having a week at home. Who knows, you might even inspire them to do the same!
  • If you want to start doing more exercise…go online and book and pre-pay for a spot in a lunchtime or after work yoga class. Pre-paying for things commits us mentally and means we’re much more likely to actually turn up.
  • If you want to start eating healthier food…switch the mid-morning muffin for a banana. You still get an energy hit but this one comes with the added benefit of being nutritionally rich and full of fibre!
  • If you want a new job that pays more money…tell someone! Ring up the recruiter who placed you or update your linked-in setting to indicate you’re open to approaches. And then get to work on your CV!
  • If you want to change career…book yourself in with a Life Coach to start refining your goals and working through the steps to make it happen.

Change can sometimes seem overwhelming and more than a little daunting but just remember that:

‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step’.

So take your first step today, another tomorrow and one more the day after that and then, just keep going.

TriciaAlachAuthor Bio:

Corporate Escapee turned Holistic Health Therapist, Reflexologist and Coach, Tricia Alach spent over 15 years living and working in NZ, Europe and the UK; leading learning functions, developing leaders and managing change. She is the founder of Flow Mind & Body and now spends her time working with people who want to adopt a more holistic approach to their lives – supporting them to make life-enhancing and sustainable change. She blogs at triciainflow and can also be found on facebook providing tips and inspiration on how to live happier, healthier and more holistically in each and every day.

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