Five tips on how to make your mark when carving your career

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As A Level results loom and millennials are said to change career paths at least seven times within their lifetime, it is easy to feel a little lost with regards to how to make an impact within your industry.

Here, the experts at Scottish Trust Deed give us their top 5 tips on how to make your mark when carving a successful career.

Learn your craft

Honestly goes a long way.  Yes, landing a job role that paves the way to your dream career is a competitive market and it can be tempting to amplify and embellish your experience.  However, portraying yourself as an expert within your field when you have no previous practice presents an untrustworthy manor.  Genuine enthusiasm is contagious and a ‘want’ to learn can excite a potential employer.  Be honest and express your love of the industry that you are entering and brush up on your knowledge of its happenings to exert commitment and interest.

Be an expert of something, not everything

From the intern to the CEO, nobody is an expert in everything.  A cliché it may be, but no one is ever finished learning.  No matter how advanced your knowledge of an industry is, always be open to learning new things.  Make a conscious effort to attend events and exhibitions to gain insight into what others are doing and assets that you may need to adopt into your own career path.

People buy into people

Ever wondered why those who are not necessarily the most experienced are promoted over those more able?  People buy into people and it is incredibly important to be nice and try to talk to everyone in the work place, regardless of their job title.  The circles within industries are often smaller than you think, and it is sometimes unbelievable how often paths can cross.  Be professional always but also show your personality.  Most importantly, never burn bridges.

Work smarter not harder

It is a common believe that those who go furthest in their career stay longest in the office however, this is not the case.  Working smartly to utilise the hours in your day and ensure that you have ‘down time’ to recharge and give your mind a rest is crucial and avoids the dreaded burn out.  Excellent time management can also see that you prioritise tasks a lay focus on work that will drive your career forward.

Be an entrepreneur

You may not be a business owner, plan on being a business owner or even mixed within an enterprise before however, thinking like an entrepreneur and making a conscious effort to hold an entrepreneurial mindset can aid in seeing difficulties within the workplace before they arise and visualise how ideas will drive sales, reach your target audience and make an impact on the workplace.

Gain perspective

It is easy to worry about work and have several sleepless nights before a big meeting or presentation.  However, it is important to gain perspective and acknowledge that with every challenge there is a learning curve.  Do not dwell on any mistakes or oversights and see it as an opportunity to learn and grow in your career.

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