Five vital skills for success in the PR industry

Public relations staff are required to perform a wide variety of tasks on a daily basis. It’s an industry where no two days are same – but there are still a few skills which are vital in order to succeed in this field.

Here are five skills which are likely to make a candidate invaluable to any PR agency.

#1 A thirst for knowledge

The best PR professionals are typically those who are willing to learn as much as possible about the clients they represent. They need a clear understanding about the company’s culture, its products, its aims and beliefs. After all, it’s their job to communicate these things to the press and the public on a daily basis.

PR staff can benefit by keeping up with current events and trends in the sector they are working in. This knowledge will help them to continue coming up with fresh ideas to keep their client in the spotlight.

Research might not be part of the official job description, but there is no doubting that a thirst for knowledge could be extremely useful to help you succeed.

#2 Writing

Writing and submitting press releases is a large part of most PR jobs. The aim of these press releases is to convince journalists to feature the story in their publication, so being able to write exciting attention-grabbing copy will certainly be a huge advantage.

A lot of publications receive dozens of boring press releases per day, so those who can write engaging copy that excites the reader are likely to be very successful in their chosen field. Considering how heavy the workloads of PR staff can be, the ability to write quickly will also be a big advantage.

#3 Speaking

PR professionals don’t just communicate to the press and the public via emails and press releases. It’s important to have good verbal communication skills as well. Staff will be expected to be able to clearly communicate the strengths of their client and its projects over the phone or in face-to-face conversation.

#4 Relationship building

Successful PR is arguably as much about who you know as it is what you know. Networking events are commonly frequented by those in the PR industry and it is in these sorts of environments where staff can enhance their careers.

The ability to form good relationships will make it easier for PR staff to attract new clients. Forming a good relationship with journalists will make it easier to get content placed in the media. In fact, nearly every element of PR becomes easier when you’re a polite, likeable person that makes friends easily.

#5 Time management

PR jobs may have a reputation for being glitzy and glamorous, but they also require a great deal of hard work. In order to keep up with large workloads, PR staff need to be well organised and have great time management skills. They should also be the type of person who is willing to work hard for big rewards.

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