Five ways your social media channels can help you in your job hunt

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Article provided by Nina Ricafort, Growth Marketing Manager at Jobbio

Anyone currently looking for a job will tell you: it’s not easy and it might even feel like a full-time job being on the hunt.

The competition is fierce and it’s increasingly hard to stand out. With companies turning to social media more and more to source candidates these platforms have become true allies to job seekers.

Social media has become an essential part of job seeking and should definitely be included in your strategy when looking for a new role. But how can you take advantage of  these platforms?

1) Nail your personal branding

First things first: before you even start using your social channels to get ahead in your job hunt, you have to get your own personal branding right. Not sure what your personal brand is? Start by asking, if someone looks at my profile what do I want them to take away from it? Is it your expertise, passions, views or personality? Make a list of your strengths and your own personal vision, mission, and goals, then carve that into the brand of you.

It starts with simple things, like choosing a professional –and consistent– handle across channels and using the same picture of you in all of your profiles. It goes without saying that you should look professional in the photos, so no sunglasses and pouting! The first impression counts a lot and with social media these are the two first things hiring managers will notice when screening your application.

But there might be some channels that you would rather keep to yourself – in which case, while you’re on the job hunt, consider making these profiles private and restricting potential new employers to just seeing the channels you want them to see.

Depending on the industry you are in it may be worth putting together a small website to showcase your best work and tell the world who you are, what you do and what you aim to achieve. Make sure to include links to all of your social channels in the website and also in your CV.

2) Widen your contacts

Once you’ve nailed your personal brand it’s time to get to work! Don’t be shy, go and approach people in companies you’d like to work for. Showing interest in what they do is a great way to start. Grow your network and soon enough you’ll be connected with people that can help you along the way –whether its an introduction to the right person or being one of the first to know if a new role just opened. If possible, try to connect with them in real life as well – even a quick 30-minute coffee or skype call can make a big impact!

3) Engage with your network

Follow the people working on the teams you wish to be a part of and engage with them. Comment on their posts and try to start a conversation –but be careful to not overdo it. If you do manage to get an interview at their company, this is also a great way for you to show you know what they are up to, making you look on top of your game. There’s a balance between getting to know someone and looking ‘too keen’, so if in doubt ask yourself if you’d be comfortable in their shoes. If yes, crack on!

4) Show off your personality

Your social media channels are a great tool to show the world who you are. In them you have complete control over your image and have the unique opportunity to show hiring managers your personality and your creativity, so make use of that!

This is a great opportunity for you to show who you are outside of your CV –the hobbies you have and that you know how to balance work and your personal life.

You should be focusing on creating a positive image of yourself. Share your thoughts on serious matters but also don’t be self-conscious about making jokes and showing your day-to-day life –this will humanise you in the eyes of people looking at hundreds of CVs every day.

5) Learn about job opportunities first-hand

Last, but not least: when you are connected with the companies you are interested in working for and the people who work there chances are you’ll get first-hand news on roles opening up.

Another good thing to do is to join groups related to your industry –you can search for them on LinkedIn and Facebook. By participating in the discussions not only you will get your name out there but also become an engaged part of the community.

Some platforms even let you create personalised searches with filters that will send you an alert every time a new role that fits your profile is posted.

So make sure to keep your eyes open to every opportunity that comes up–your dream job might be just one click away!

Nina Ricafort HeadshotAbout Nina Ricafort

After completing her MSc in Marketing Strategy & Innovation at Cass Business School, Nina joined Jobbio to launch the company in the UK market and now manages Jobbio’s performance and acquisition channels to drive growth in the business. She is passionate about championing diversity in the workplace and is an avid food blogger.

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