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Long-hours cultures and work life balance at the margins?

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 13.47.53The IT industry is by its very nature dynamic and fast moving.

People who work in the industry are usually those who embrace change, enjoy the challenges that it brings, and are enthusiastic about learning new things or working in new environments. The pace of change in technology drives requirements for new skills, innovation and creativity.

Today companies are looking to reduce expense in ever more competitive markets, find more efficient ways of working, and deliver new products and services faster. An ageing workforce in the UK, and a growing recognition of the value of relationships held by experienced and older members of the workforce, is leading to a number of initiatives looking at different working patterns.

The drivers identified above – financial, people management and skills retention – are extremely well suited to women. The endemic characteristics of the IT industry – flexibility, constant challenges, new environments and methods of working – mirror the way in which many women work successfully.

The numbers of women at the top of the profession, and the number of women remaining generally in the sector, is insufficient. Too often talented women are leaving the sector, despite its apparent attractiveness.

This report is important because it seeks to understand the attitudes and issues of those professionals, both female and male, behind the flexible processes and programmes that are being offered.

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