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Many have reached out to me for an update on my first trial of the Patti Stanger‘s method. If you remember from our last conversation, I talked about my struggles at the 3 – 6 months stages of the whole dating process (check it out from here). However to get to the 1, then 2 and eventually 3 month stage, I still need to pick one possibility out of the broader pool of guys that come my way.  So on this occasion, I decided to try  the Flick, Eyes and Smiles method which is my translation of Patti’s method of engaging with potentials at social events.

The Flick, Eyes, Smiles is all about, you essentially put yourself in the view of the guy that you would like to engage with, one way or the other, by being on his radar, you will get noticed. When that happens, flick your hair over your shoulders, if you have long hair, if not, run your hands through your hair,  then make eye contact without staring or gorging of course  as that will turn you from a sexy chica  into a scary stalker that he would like to avoid!. Then proceed with a confident brief smile, but pay attention to the stretch of the lips, too much teeth could be taken as being too enthusiastic and too keen.  So limit exposure, show some teeth but not the full 36!  Then you wait, counting from 5, 4, 3, 2, 1; He’ll come to you before you reach 1.  Strong word of caution here though, as confident as you may feel using the Flick, Eyes, Smiles method, never, ever, ever walk over to him.  If he doesn’t come to you the first time around, change your place in the room, then go through the steps again, he’ll eventually come to you. It’s part of the dance!

Since our last catch up, my other single friend and I did make it to the planned singles’ event, held in one of the club houses in Central London.  As I waited for my friend to come in, I positioned myself in a pivotal place in the room from where I could see almost everyone and anyone who came in and from where I could see the full action around the bar. Soon I spotted a possibility standing next to the bar who was presumably also waiting for a friend.  As you may know by now, you never settle for the first possibility especially at the beginning of such an event as guys never do! So I continued to scour the room for other possibilities.

My other single friend eventually showed up and as we were catching up, I could see that he kept on looking at my direction, so I flicked, made eye contact and smiled! About 5 minutes later, he walked towards my direction but then walked right past me, presumably he’s a shy guy I thought! Then he walked right back again as if he was going back to the bar, then stopped to introduce himself!  Bingo! I was so pleased that things were happening, suddenly the evening looked more promising!

Well, the downside to all of this of course,  is that you never ever know how possible that possibility is until you actually start speaking to him! He may squeal like a squirrel or have no skill in connecting with others at all,  which could suddenly flip his sex appeal upside down or it could be an advantage, if you see your world as being half full instead of being half empty. Anyhow as we went a little bit beyond the exchange of pleasantries, I soon discovered that the art of social conversation wasn’t one of my possibility’s strongest points!  I am usually a half full glass kinda girl but the non stop chatter and the me me me direction of the conversation made me loose total interest in his chatter, which was a real shame!

On the bright side however, at least I did learn that it works when you flick, make eye contact & smile! Just add your own touch to it! 

To better dating experiences!


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