Are you in flow?

KatiePhillips1Flow. You know it. That feeling when everything is going to plan. You feel great. You have a spring in your step. Not necessarily for any particular reason. You just feel light. Lifted. At ease and optimistic.

These feelings multiply because it seems that everything you do, everything you touch brings more ease, clarity and success. Life is feeling simple and fun. You notice the beauty around you in every day things. People seem more smiley and friendly. The sun seems brighter and if it’s raining, it feels cleansing and refreshing. The phone rings and emails ping through bringing you business and improving your bank balance. Old friends get in touch out of the blue. People offer you help at the perfect time and you feel compelled to do charitable, good deeds too. Even the whinges of your children feel more manageable! And again, these feelings and ‘miraculous’ happenings increase.

The more flow you are in, the more flow you are in. No – that’s not a typo. If you are in flow, you simply attract more flow. And, you want to share the joy….thereby spreading the flow to others. A very cool way to be.

Flow is energy. Simple. When you are on a high energetic vibration, by the laws of nature you attract high vibrational people, circumstances, events, opportunities and things into your life. Equally, when you are on a low vibration, you attract fear, shame, lack and general negativity into your life. I know only too well how it feels to be on a low vibration. A tough one to admit but when I did realise that I was living as a ‘victim’ I noticed with incredible clarity how I was attracting disaster, drama and depression into my life. All that I thought was out of my control I saw as being caused largely because of the mindset I allowed myself to operate in. Admitting this to myself was the first step to change and I literally do not recognise the girl I used to be. I am so grateful for her though because now I am acutely aware of what vibration I am in at all times. Sure, I have low days but learning to unconditionally love and accept yourself means you can have tough times without your whole life seemingly spiral out of control. I live consciously and now know how to pick myself up and move back into a high vibration. Who I choose to spend time with helps too. I love to spend time with people who are ‘on a high’ because it’s so wonderfully infectious! The sparks flying about the room when we get together are just awesome.

Being part of the Daring & Mighty community means you are instantly raising your vibration. Motivating words, inspiring colour, uplifting stories, like minded people – it all helps to keep you on a high! If you would like to jump on board and join us, you are so welcome!  Our community is one of support, encouragement and light.


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