Forget a Mentor, Find a Sponsor

Author: Sylvia Ann Hewlett

Description: This title features real stories and practical advice on how individuals – especially women – can find, manage, and leverage a sponsor for career gfind a sponsorrowth. You need more than a mentor. Traditional pathways to career progression have all but diminished. Mentors used to be the answer but in today’s world, research shows that they are not enough to help you advance. Sylvia Ann Hewlett – economist, prolific author, and originator of such prominent ideas as off-ramping and on-ramping – shows why sponsorship is the new route to success. What makes a sponsor different from a mentor is critical in terms of getting you into the role you covet and deserve. A sponsor serves as your advocate – not just doling out advice but also offering the powerful backing inside the organization to get you where you want to go. From making important introductions to senior leaders to expanding the perception of what you can offer the organization, sponsors are your personal brand advocates in the workplace and in your industry at large. They inspire, propel, and protect-to help you progress. Combining real examples with practical advice, Forget a Mentor, Find a Sponsor shows how to build this important professional relationship, position yourself for leadership, and effectively work with your sponsor to achieve career success.


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