Friday | Anyone for Ascot?

3 Chelsea Pensioners and Vanessa Vallely at Ascot Racecourse 2012

I was looking forward to overnighting in a quiet bedroom, with no kids and no cats for a change.  A 6ft by 3ft canvas painting in my best friend’s spare room had other ideas and landed on my head at 3 am. There was a minor moment of spinning panic trying to work out what had happened as a bump worthy of humpty sprouted on my head. I’m glad that I was sleeping on my side not on my back or I could have been wearing a broken nose to Ascot.  I spent a pretty useless hour before dropping back off to sleep, fretting I had concussion and trying to remember the code to get the ambulance through the gates to her housing complex if I did.

The Queen of England in Horse and carriage at Ascot 2012

The next day at Ascot was amazing.  I got to see the Queen and spent a lovely day in the Royal Enclosure.  I didn’t win, but it was a great experience.  The ladies just looked incredible in their outfits and wonderful hats.  The other highlight of my day is that I have been asked to perform an extract of the Vagina Monologues at a production for Charity next year.  I am absolutely honored to be asked to take part and have decided that any money I raise will go to Refuge as the whole event is about the prevention of domestic violence against Women and Children.

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Vanessa Vallely is co-Founder of WeAreTheCity, The Network of Networks and WeAreTheCity India. Vanessa is a speaker and author of Heels of Steel. Vanessa sits on the board of Women in Influence. Vanessa won the WIBF Champion For Women Award 2011, she is a Progress 1000 winner and Financial News Top 100 winner. Follow Vanessa on Twitter

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