18/03/2016 – Friday Voice: Embracing Authenticity & Releasing Your Creativity

Friday Voice: Embracing Authenticity & Releasing Your Creativity: Friday Voice is an introductory session on a number of themes. Bring your own lunch – we will provide drinks and join us for today’s theme: Embracing Authenticity and Releasing Your Creativity

About Voice At The Table

Friday Voice atthe tableVoice At The Table prepare your company for the future with gender balance and diversity of thought.We believe in the strength of diversity as a corporate strategy for success; one that builds a future not just for the organisation but society as a whole. We believe that organisations can do more to leverage the talents of their female population.

Our services focus on building confidence, resilience and initiative.

Our aim is to provide companies and their female workforce the tools that women need to progress and to contribute authentically. In this way, we aim to help companies unlock the valuable resource that is working women.

We believe that achieving the most from women will take a two-pronged approach:

(1) transforming corporate culture to facilitate women’s particular talents by uncovering unconscious bias, recognising the potential to deliver a stronger business with more women in leadership, changing the model of leadership to a more collaborative style, with emphasis on emotional intelligence for leaders, and promoting an adaptable working environment for both women and men; and

(2) facilitating women in realising their potential and aspirations by building confidence, changing the internal dialogue, challenging assumptions and taking charge of own destiny.

Both are necessary. Voice At The Table help with both, with emphasis on the second.

Event Details

Time: 12:30 – 14:30

Date: 18/03/2016

Location: London, UK

Price: £15.00


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