Fuelling confidence in the pursuit of better

Article by Sally Storey of The Leadership High

HR leader, confident female business leaderWe are all in the business of getting better. As women, we are rightly seeking better representation in senior positions across all industries and, in parallel to that, we are always looking at getting better at how we lead ourselves and those around us.

The Leadership High (TLH) exists to fuel your confidence on your journey in pursuit of ‘better’. If we want a physical muscle to get stronger, we know we need to fuel and strengthen it – so why not approach our confidence to lead in the same way; what will fuel and strengthen your Confidence Muscle®?

TLH team member, Sally Storey, wanted to give you some performance fuel for your confidence muscle by sharing her advice on how to make an impact as a leader. Whilst there are many leadership mantras and much information available on what makes a great leader, our TLH belief is that confidence is a core component. As someone who has led teams and functions across multiple geographies over the course of 25 years, and who herself has experienced many different leadership styles, Sally believes that better leadership is achieved with the following:

1. Be aware you are only as good as your team. Hire, train and develop people to be the best they can be. Fuel their confidence by allowing them to lead. Ensure that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

2. Be a “Supporter Leader” Do you ask for change/action and then inadvertently block it? Or do you regularly ask your team “what can I do to help?” Being human and empathic builds trust.

3. Be celebratory – recognise success so that people know what better looks like. Focus on both the what and the how to build positive habits. Recognising those ‘leadership high’ moments, both big and small, are good dopamine hits for the brain and fuel confidence.

4. Be confident to call it when it is not working, don’t hide behind issues. Take the challenge. Change course if needed, even if that is difficult. Muscles grow through challenge; without it they atrophy and weaken.

5. Be curious – keep the question ‘How do we know?’ front of mind always. Consider what information are you willing to accept at face value and where you need to delve deeper.  Sally always remembers the words of a former boss who said that “you get what you inspect”.

The Leadership High exists to fuel your confidence in pursuit of better. Please connect with us @theleadershiphigh

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