Gay Women’s Network (GWN)

The Gay Women’s Network (GWN) aims to provide opportunities for professional and career development to LBT women based in and around London in an inclusive and welcoming environment.

We organize events to support our vision: ranging from panel discussions on topical issues germane to our membership, workshops on professional development, business networking sessions, career co-coaching and specialised events specific to member needs such as those who are self employed as well as cultural and social events.

Gay Women's Network

All our events are sponsored by partner organisations and those that are represented on our Steering Committee. We run a focus group, GWN Multicultural, that recognising the challenges of multiple discrimination faced by LBT women of ethnic minority backgrounds, provides events centered on ‘composite identity’.

Our cultural events (Eid-Diwali and Chinese New Year dinners) are a unique way to celebrate the rich diversity and heritage of the GWN membership and to create both awareness and integration within the LBT community. Furthermore, to support positive action for LBT women we also support charities in this sector through fund raising, advertising volunteer positions to our members and spreading awareness.

To serve our membership effectively, we seek to continuously improve by consulting our members through regular surveys.

We communicate with our members through a monthly newsletter as well as our website.

In addition we now operate a Linkdin account. We also seek to engage our members in the running of the network through member involvement in event planning and organization.

More information on our vision, mission, activities and past events can be found on our website:

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