“Gender equality is not only an issue for women and girls” | Justin Trudeau pens an essay about raising his children as feminists

Justin Trudeau

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau has penned an essay about raising his children as feminists, saying, “gender equality is not only an issue for women and girls.”

In an exclusive essay for Marie Claire, Trudeau spoke about raising, not only his daughter as a feminist, but his sons too.

Beginning his essay, Trudeau said, “I am in politics every day, I get to work to make the world a little better – for my kids and for yours.”

Trudeau, 45, has been married to his wife, Sophie, 42, for 12 years and together they have three children, Xavier, Ella-Grace, and Hadrien.

Trudeau and his government has commonly positioned itself for women and LGBT rights. Canada recently introduced gender-neutral passports and Trudeau has regularly made himself known as a feminist and promoted women’s rights.

He continued, “I worry – because as a father, son, husband, and citizen, I witness the unequal obstacles women and girls face every day.”

“It’s 2017, yet in Canada and around the world, women and girls still face violence, discrimination, stereotypes that limit them, and unequal opportunities that keep them from achieving their dreams.”

“It is maddening to me that my brilliant, compassionate daughter will grow up in a world where, despite everything she is as a person, there will still be people who won’t take her voice seriously, who will write her off – simply because of her gender.”

“Gender equality is not only an issue for women and girls.”

“All of us benefit when women and girls have the same opportunities as men and boys – and it’s on all of us to make that a reality.”

“Our sons have the power and the responsibility to change our culture of sexism, and I want Xavier and Hadrien – when he’s a little older – to understand that deeply.”

“But I want, too, to help them grow into empathetic young people and adults, strong allies who walk through the world with openness, love, and a fierce attachment to justice.”

“I want my sons to escape the pressure to be a particular kind of masculine that is so damaging to me and to the people around them.”

“I want them to be comfortable being themselves, and being feminists – who stand up for what’s right, and who can look themselves in the eye with pride.”

He concluded, “To raise our kids feminist is to recognise that they ALL have a part to play to build that world.”

“To raise our kids feminist is to honour their future, because they have the responsibility – and the power – to shape it for the better.”

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